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About Us

Who Are We?

The Aboriginal Head Start Association of British Columbia (AHSABC) is a non-profit society made up of the urban Aboriginal Head Start (AHS) sites in BC, all of which are members of the AHSABC. 


We work in collaboration with our AHS Parents, Elders, program partners and government sharing the responsibility of growing quality early learning environments for our children and families.   


AHSABC is committed to the development and delivery of quality early childhood programming that nurtures the healthy development and growth of Aboriginal children and their families.  This commitment has led us to develop training, professional development and cultural resources that respond to the needs and opportunities in our programs. Since 2001, AHSABC has worked with our AHSUNC communities in BC and nationally to develop and deliver training and resources that contribute to respectful, relevant and cultural program delivery needs which reflect the families involved in our programs.



  • Provides a professional link between the Public Health Agency of Canada and the Aboriginal Head Start in Urban and Northern Communities (AHSUNC) sites in BC and nationally;

  • Works in partnership with PHAC and other resource bodies and training institutes;

  • Assists AHSUNC and AHSOR (On Reserve) sites in training and professional development, both provincially and nationally;

  • Accesses other funding sources and programs to support AHSUNC sites developmental needs;

  • Supports development of quality AHS programming;

  • Supports parental and community involvement.





AHSABC is a leader in Aboriginal Early Childhood Education. We provide support to AHS sites to promote excellence in programming. We work with partners to develop and deliver Aboriginal Early Childhood Education resources and training.


AHSABC Code of Conduct

We honour the diversity of traditions, cultures, strengths and gifts of one another.

We treat each other with respect and dignity.

We assume that others participate with positive intent.

We engage with each other in a way that fosters cultural safety.

We communicate constructively, speaking respectfully and listening with an open heart.

We base our actions and decisions on the best interests of the children and families in our programs.

We are accountable for our actions and the impact they have.

We respect the confidentiality of the children, families and staff in our programs.

We refrain from participating in matters that may be perceived as a conflict of interest



WATCH OUR VIDEO: The Gift of the Elders 


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