AHSABC was born

in the spring of 1998, evolving in December 2001 into an incorporated non-profit society and the only federally funded Provincial AHSUNC Support Project in Canada up to 2024. Our membership consists of Program Coordinators, Parents, Elders and Host Agency Representatives from each urban AHS program in BC.

Our Foundation

Guided by Elders

Elders, Knowledge Keepers, and Cultural Resource people create the foundation for our good work, providing guidance and teachings in culture and languages in programs, and inform AHSABC operations. With this foundation, we grow respectful, culturally relevant practices that reflect the children and families involved in the AHS Village.
Board of Directors

Walking together

Our ‘Walking Together’ Board of Directors is made of caring and dedicated Leaders who prioritize community needs, concentrating on celebrating and nurturing the uniqueness of individuals and communities.

AHSABC Board members bring a wealth of life experience and intergenerational knowledge to their role. This includes experience in Indigenous Early Learning and Child Care (ELCC) program delivery at the grassroots level as well as understanding of the provincial and federal ECE landscape. This is complemented by their lived experience as a parent and/or alumni of Indigenous ELCC programs.

Many members have experience in the governance and/or administration of not-for-profit organizations, with particular experience with Indigenous organizations. Board members’ knowledge of organizational strategy and management, skills relating to general business administration and operation, as well as accounting and financial management are invaluable to AHSABC and its continued growth and development.

Staff Team

Recognizing the privilege and opportunity of Indigenous children​

AHSABC is supported by a team of incredible individuals who are passionate about the well-being of Indigenous children and their families, the early childhood education profession, and who celebrate Indigenous culture and language.

AHS celebrates and honours the vital role of the early childhood educator as a dedicated professional who recognizes the privilege and opportunity to positively impact the lives of children and families every day.

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Tools & Resources

AHSABC is committed to the development and delivery of quality early childhood programming that places culture and language at the heart and nurtures the holistic development of Indigenous children and their families. This commitment has led us to develop training, professional development and cultural resources that respond to the needs and opportunities in AHS programs. Since 2001, AHSABC has worked with AHSUNC communities in BC and nationally to develop and deliver training and resources that contribute to respectful, relevant and cultural-centered program delivery needs which reflect the families involved in the programs. Learn more about these resources here.

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AHSABC works to access resources and additional funding to support AHS programs’ developmental needs and assists Growing AHS Childcare, AHSUNC and AHSOR (on reserve) programs in training and professional development. AHSABC works in partnership with the Public Health Agency of Canada and the province of British Columbia and other resource bodies and training institutes to provide tools for programs that promote high quality early education for Indigenous children and their families.