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AHSABC Guidelines for Communications

Acknowledgment of Your AHS Program

22.1 Acknowledgment (from Contribution Agreement) The Recipient shall acknowledge AHSABC’s support in all public communications materials and products (including, but not limited to, information and advertising campaigns, invitations to participate in activities, printer/audio/visual electronic materials, websites and exhibits). Such acknowledgement shall be in a form satisfactory to AHSABC. The Recipient shall withdraw the acknowledgment upon the written request of AHSABC.

As an AHSABC Funding Recipient, you Must:
  1. Make it clear that your Child Care Centre is an Aboriginal Head Start Program.

  2. Acknowledge that your program was funded and supported by AHSABC.

  3. Get approval from AHSABC prior to publication of any materials containing our name.

Disclaimer & Acknowledgement:

22.2 Disclaimer - The Recipient shall, unless otherwise directed by AHSABC, ensure that the following disclaimer appears on any materials developed for public distribution under this agreement:

“The views expressed herein do not necessarily represent the views of AHSABC.” 

If your video, online or print materials, or other media publication is NOT a product of AHSABC, the disclaimer must appear along with the acknowledgement.

“[Name of child care centre] is an AHS program supported by funding from the Aboriginal Head Start Association of BC,”

Communicating the Value & Impacts of Your Program:
  1. Awareness of Aboriginal Head Start: By promoting the social, economic, and cultural value of AHS programs, you are helping to raise awareness of the benefits to Indigenous families across Canada.

  2. Support for AHS Programs: By acknowledging the funding and support of AHSABC’s leadership in making AHS available for more children and families, you are strengthening public understanding and support for creating more Aboriginal Head Start programs.

At AHSABC, we will make every effort to work with you and your program to:

  • Organize funding announcements

  • Profile your program via the AHSABC website and other media outlets

  • Share social media posts about your program highlights and inspiring practices

  • Showcase and celebrate program excellence through awards ceremonies and other events


Inform us of your media initiatives and publications, so that we can work with your program to publicly promote the value and impact of Aboriginal Head Start.

Sharing on Social Media:

Tag AHSABC in your social media posts about AHSABC- funded initiatives so we are notified and can help spread the word. To tag us, start typing @AHS and select us from the list.

Facebook: @aboriginalheadstartbc

Instagram: @aboriginalheadstartabc

LinkedIn: @ahsabc

X formerly known as Twitter: @AHSinBC

YouTube: @ahsabcvillage

Using the AHSABC Logo:

We encourage you to use the AHSABC logo in communications products:

  1. The AHSABC logo must always be accompanied by the acknowledgement message.

  2. The logo may not be altered in any way.

  3. Make it clear that it is the program that is funded by AHSABC, not the product.

Click to download AHSABC large format PNG

Click to download AHSABC small format PNG

For More Information:

To work with us on communication initiatives or stories, contact Odette Auger:

For more information about using AHSABC’s branding, contact Tanya:

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