Aboriginal Head Start

Association of BC

PO Box 21058

Duncan, BC

V9L 0C2

Executive Director: 

Joan Gignac

Telephone: 250-858-4543

Director of Programming: 

Tammy Aguilera

Telephone: 250-715-3228

Administrative Coordinator: 

Alanna Southwell

Telephone: 250-709-7592

Provincial Program Advisor and Training Coordinator: 

Yvette Bolduc

Telephone: 250-709-9273

Communications Coordinator: 

Annie Jack

Telephone: 250-709-9249

Communications Coordinator: 

Jerrica Joe

Telephone: 250-701-6439

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National Coordinator:

Trudy Hill 

Telephone: 250-709-7564

Aboriginal Head Start Specialist:

Chantelle Colthorp

Telephone: 250-715-3229

Early Childhood Education Specialist:

Michelle Gravelle

Telephone: 250-715-3208

Executive Committee

President: Tracey Shepherd
tel. 250-334-2477, fax. 250-398-6115

Vice President: Vacant


Secretary: Jackie Sinclair

tel. 250-286-3044

Treasurer: Kristi Reece

tel. 250-627-4010


NAHSC Rep: Dawn Westlands
tel. 604-253-3354, fax. 604-253-3440

Grandfather Elder: Willie Alphonse
Little Moccasins Learning Centre AHS
Williams Lake, BC
tel. 250-398-6841

Grandmother Elder: Bertha Cardinal
Prince George AHS sites
tel. 250-563-3884

Parent Representative: Vacant

Ex Officio Members

Public Health Programs Unit (PHAC/ASPC): Christine Liu
tel. 613-297-2527  

Executive Director AHSABC, Alternate NAHSC Representative for BC: Joan Gignac
tel. 250-858-4543