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Creative Chef's: Making Creative Fun Snacks

This is a fun creative workshop for parents, Elders, cooks, educators and community members, the more the merrier.

Come Join us!

Friday, May 26

10pm - 2:00pm (PT)

In This Workshop:

Are you looking for ideas to make snack time more exciting? Sherry has some wonderful creative ways to make snack time not only healthy, she makes snack time fun and enjoyable for the children. They say we eat with our eyes first and she will show you some fun ways to make snack time more appealing.

Cook Sherry Elliot:

Meet Sherry Elliot our new cook at Eagles Nest AHS filling in for maternity leave for the current cook Tory. Sherry is Silyx First Nations from the lower Similkameen Band. She is a mother of two and a grandmother of nine! She is extremely family orientated and has lived in the community Clearwater, BC since 1989. She has won the citizen of the year for volunteering and organizing clubs. Sherry is an absolute wonderful addition to The Eagles Nest AHS clan.

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