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Professional Development Workshop


Learn more about moving beyond the cycle of violence.

Friday, Feb. 17

9:00am - 12:00pm (PT)

Trainer Bio:

Patrick Small Legs-Nagge, MSW

Patrick is originally from the Piikani First Nation in Alberta, but is currently based in Nova Scotia. He is also recently retired from working with the federal government. Patrick holds a Master of Social Work degree with a specialization in community development. His last job was with Health Canada where he was the Director of Mental Wellness, First Nation and Inuit Health. During his time with Health Canada, he also contributed to the National Aboriginal Suicide Prevention Strategy and the Labrador

Health Secretariat to support the Labrador Innu in their development of an effective Innu-controlled health system. Patrick has developed curriculum for and taught in the Mi’kmaw Mental Wellness & Addictions Certificate Program at the Nova Scotia Community College. He has also taught within the Faculty of Social Work (addictions) at Dalhousie University. Currently, Patrick is the Special Advisor to the President of Aboriginal Affairs at Mount Saint Vincent University. As a trainer, he brings much of his work experience forward within his training and provides a safe and fun space for learning.

Workshop Description

Lateral Violence – Working Towards Solutions

Lateral violence occurs when harmful behaviours we experience show up in our interactions with others. It is expressed in many forms including lack of trust, favouritism, and poor communication – these issues typically lead to conflict between individuals or within an entire group. Moving beyond the cycle of lateral violence begins with people becoming aware of its causes and impacts. This workshop explores the various dynamics of lateral violence and offers solutions for prevention. Participants will develop better personal awareness and enhance their communication and conflict resolution skills.



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