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Traditional Parenting Practices Session: Moss Bag Teachings with Elder Dorothy | June 09, 2022

Come learn about traditional moss bag teachings from Cree Elder Dorothy Visser, in this first #TraditionalParenting session!

Thursday, June 06

1:30 - 2:30 PM (PT)

Moss bags continue the sense of security of a mother's womb and are wrapped with care for the mother to carry close to her. They help children closely feel the warmth, love, and connection with their mother during their early development. Learn more about traditional moss bags here and here.

There are many developmental benefits from this traditional parenting practice. Continuing this cultural practice empowers Indigenous families and supports future generations to be strong and resilient.

Elder Dorothy Visser
Elder Dorothy Visser

Dorothy Visser is a Cree Elder from the Saddle Lake Cree Nation in Treaty Six territory. She has been teaching Cree language and culture in Metro Vancouver since moving to the area in 1981.

Elder Dorothy believes that the sharing of our history is good for those who are still unaware. She also wants to teach and inspire those who may be looking to find their roots as Indigenous People.

Video recordings and resources will be available on after the event.

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