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Traditional Parenting Practices: Wîwîp'son Teachings with Dr. Darlene Auger

Join us to learn about Traditional Swing (Wîwîp'son) Teachings with Dr. Darlene Auger as part of our #TraditionalParenting Practices series.

*ECEs can request a certificate*

Thursday, July 14

1:30 - 3:30 PM (PT)


The Wîwîp'son is a traditional Indigenous parenting practice thought to support the baby's immunity and emotional wellness. It helps the baby adjust to life outside the womb because the swing mimics the natural movement of water and the comforting motion in the womb while the mother walks. The Wîwîp'son is a way to nurture and gently care for our children before they can walk on their own two feet.

Darlene Auger was born and raised in Desmarais/Wabasca and left to pursue a degree in Education and Psychology at the University of Alberta. She is keenly interested in spirituality and healing, early childhood development, cultural research and knowledge sharing, and the performing arts.

Fluent in Cree, Darlene is passionate about being part of the conciliation of language and culture for Cree peoples. She is thankful for the opportunities to learn from Elders in their traditional language and for the ability to help others heal from the loss of culture and language.

You can find more information about Darlene and her cultural services at:

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