Little Cedar Trees AHS

Little Cedar Trees AHS

Child Age:
3-5 yrs

Class Time:

8:00- 4:00
Week Day:
Monday to Friday

We are located on Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil-Waututh territory, hosted by Vancouver Aboriginal Friendship Centre Society. 

Our program focuses on ensuring the families entering our program feel valued, respected and heard. We are committed to children having the best opportunity for growth and development. 

Children love to come and play; families like to stay and visit. Currently our families are mostly Nisga’a and Cree, and so languages shared in the program include Halkomelem, Lil’wat, Nisga’a, Heiltsuk, and Cree. Culture in our program includes songs in these languages at circle, and prayer at snack and lunch. We visit Elders, bringing them art the children made, or food to share. This is a great bonding experience, and the Elders love the visits.

Families are comfortable and are enjoying our new gradual entry program. Families’ ideas and concerns are heard and incorporated into our planning. 

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1607 East Hastings St, Vancouver

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