Little Fry Daycare

Little Fry Daycare

Child Age:
30 mos.- school-age (Gr 1)

Class Time:

Week Day:
Monday to Friday

Little Fry Daycare is hosted on Liq̓ʷilda’xw territory by Laichwiltach Family Life Society, in Campbell River. 

Working to improve quality of life for Indigenous families, Little Fry Daycare focuses on developing strategies to enhance cultural identity of all children. Our families are from an assortment of nations and cultural backgrounds, and have loved our new learning materials, such as rattles, drums, and medicine pouches.  Languages shared in the program include: Kwak̓wala, Liq̓ʷala and Cree. 

Field trips include visits to the local Big House, and we share meals with Elders, and have teachers come and share their knowledge, we learn about Metis Culture, along with the Liq̓ʷ ilda’xw.  Culture is also present through artwork from local artists of the past and present. We look forward to parents getting together to help guide our program over the year, love when parents can come in and help in the classroom.

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441-B 4th Ave, Campbell River, BC

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