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AHSABC resources available from Strong Nations Publishing

AHSABC has developed many resources to support the curriculum needs of Aboriginal Head Start programs, as well as other Early Learning programs, in BC and across Canada. National AHSUNC resources are available in English and French.

We are very pleased to be working with a new partner to bring our AHSABC resources to a greater audience. Strong Nations Publishing is an online Indigenous book store and a First Nations publishing house, with a store front in Nanaimo, BC. Find out more about them at:


Some of our AHSABC titles are now being distributed by Strong Nations Publishing. To order the following resources, check out their website or store.

Language Revitalization Poster

Images of children, parents and Elders from Aboriginal Head Start programs celebrate and acknowledge the contributions of AHS programs across Canada. The laminated circular poster provides a space in the middle to add your own word of the day. This is re-usable when wet erase markers are used.


National AHS / English version:
“LANGUAGE is the life blood of a people,
carrying the spirit of the past to the children of the present”


Affiche pour la mise en valeur des langues autochtones

Des images d’enfants, de leurs parents, et d’aînés du Programme d’aide préscolaire aux Autochtones (PAPA) célèbrent et reconnaissent les contributions des centres du PAPA à travers le Canada. Au centre de l’affiche réutilisation, un espace est prévu pour que vous puissiez y ajouter le mot du jour de votre choix et sa signification. (Employez des marqueurs à effacement humide.) Cette affiche vise à encourager l’apprentissage de langues autochtones aux jeunes.


PAPA /version française:
“LA LANGUE est l’âme d’un peuple,
transmettant l’esprit du passé aux enfants du présent”




Cultural Calendar

This calendar is a celebration of Cultural Curriculum ideas from BC’s 12 urban AHS programs. The 20.5 x 14.5 inch laminated perpetual calendar shares language and cultural activities from programs around the province and allows space for adding your own ideas. It can be written on with washable markers and erased, making it easy to use over and over.


Our Food Our Stories: Celebrating our Gifts from the Creator

A Nutrition resource for Aboriginal Head Start in Urban and Northern Communities, this unique collection of traditional recipes and customs celebrates our diversity and cultures across Canada. Aboriginal Head Start families from First Nations, Inuit and Métis backgrounds share stories and recipes about Hunting, Fishing and Gathering, that connect us to who we are and where we come from.


Notre cuisine, nos histoires: Célébrons les dons du Créateur

Voici une ressource sur l’alimentation pour les centres du Programme d’aide préscolaire aux Autochtones (PAPA) dans les collectivités urbaines et nordiques. Ce recueil de recettes traditionnelles, d’anecdotes et de photos des centres est aussi un livre d’histoires; il raconte qui nous sommes en tant que Premières Nations, Inuits et Métis au Canada, en décrivant les aliments que nous mangeons.


Honouring Our Elders: A guide to Elder Participation in AHS programs

This book provides Aboriginal Head Start staff and communities with ideas and suggestions on recruiting Elders, orienting them to the classroom setting, and involving them in Early Childhood Programs. With photos and examples of Elders who are active in AHS sites across BC, it acknowledges their contributions and important role in teaching our children. Tools for cultural protocols and preschool licensing requirements are also included.


[companion guide to The Gift of the Elders DVD]

The Gift of the Elders

This DVD resource provides information to Elders and the Community on what to expect when becoming involved in Aboriginal Head Start. What does Volunteering in AHS look like? What are the benefits for Elders themselves? Learn from the Elders who know... click here for video clip


Elders Recruitment Package

(includes Elders Guide & DVD plus take-home Elders brochures)



Cultural Resources
Tips & Tools for Creating Cultural Curriculum

This guide has been a favourite for many years. Content gathered from AHS preschools across the province addresses the challenges and importance of creating cultural curriculum in programs for Aboriginal Early Learners. Each chapter contains Tips on ways to meet the challenges and Tools for building resources.




Educational Resources
Stepping Stones to School: AHS to Kindergarten Transition Toolkit

Here is an educational resource for all Early Childhood programs that include Aboriginal children. Stepping Stones to School is a collection of tools and suggestions from AHS programs that help create a successful transition into school for Aboriginal children and their families. The guide outlines 7 steps from building partnerships with schools to involving parents and families in the transition to kindergarten. Lots of sample activities and resources are included.



click here to download pdf


Resources for program development
Building the Pathway of Change

This workbook helps you propel your program visions into actions. The workbook explains, step by step, each of the elements which form along the pathway, demonstrating how to gather your program information in a systematic way while honouring the unique needs of your program. Its cyclical design shows how the six program elements connect and work together to produce change.



click here to download pdf


Social Support for Families

Sharing Our Story is a collection of personal stories from Aboriginal Head Start families who are raising Children with Special Needs. Based on their experiences and learning, this DVD resource offers ideas and support to other Aboriginal families. For more information,

Resources for Working With Elders
AHSABC Resources Available Here
For more info and to order any of the following resources, contact the AHSABC office at:Phone: 250-858-4543Email:
Available at Strong Nations Publishing
Resources for Working With Elders
AHSABC Resources Available Here
Free AHSABC Resources
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