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6 Component Areas


The Aboriginal Head Start program ensures that children are provided with nourishing food on-site, helping meet their nutritional needs and fostering their ability to learn and develop.


All programs offer snack time, while some provide breakfast and lunch, as well as celebrations and feasts for the families. Many centres feature traditional foods as part of the cultural experience.


Stephen Bujnowicz, Program Consultant with the PHAC, BC Region, explained that each AHS centre addresses the component areas differently, and that some sites have Aboriginal nutritionists and dieticians that visit and provide expertise and information.

[Children are] given healthy nutritional food to sustain them throughout the day, which will help their learning process.

Lise Tougas

ASCD Support Worker, Awahsuk AHS

We did a lot in our Head Start to ensure the children were not hungry in the morning. The first thing we would do was make sure they were fed, and at the end of the day when they were leaving, double-check.

Renata Heathcliff

Cultural Teacher, Prince George AHS

Healthy snacks… the school in particular and the community here is very earth conscious and earth-friendly. They do composting here.

Harley Rose: Former Parent

Eagle’s Nest AHS & Singing Frog AHS

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