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Career Opportunity: Director of Communications

The Director of Communications will work as part of our leadership team, in an environment which allows you to make a high impact towards the future of Indigenous children, families, AHS service providers and organizations.

Join our AHSABC Team Deadline to apply: November 14, 2023

Work that matters:

Improving Communication was identified a key action item in our recent Strategic Plan because it enables relationship building and connection, supports transparency within the organization, and increases satisfaction of community, staff, management and governance. Communication is key for better collaboration and cooperation among all those we work with. Ultimately, effective communication helps drive better results for individuals, teams, and the organization and communities we serve.

The Director of Communications will work as part of our leadership team, in an environment which allows you to make a high impact towards the future of Indigenous children, families, AHS service providers and organizations. Our AHSABC organization values respect and fosters kindness in our working relationships. Our holistic approach to wellness, based on Indigenous teachings, is incorporated into all aspects of our work culture.

To learn about Aboriginal Head Start and our organization, visit us at and find us on Facebook.

We are looking for someone who:

  • Leads: with care, enthusiasm, and creative energy.

  • Collaborates: and works effectively with others, having a collaborative attitude, participating in planning, developing, extending services, and promoting effective strategies to encourage a positive sharing culture.

  • Communicates well: with excellent verbal and written communication skills including public speaking. And an ability to translate details and concepts into transformative narratives that are appreciated by a wide audience.

  • Is Curious and creative: with the ability to conduct research and analysis, including clearly identifying and defining the ‘why?’ of AHSABC and AHS Programs, policy issues, providing analysis to a high professional standard, and designing and evaluating policy options with an Indigenous lens.

  • Multitasks: having ability to be strategically productive, using time well and set priorities effectively.

  • Independently Productive: “Gets things done” and strives to a high standard and commitment.

  • Is Courageous: following practices rooted in cultural safety and preservation, demonstrating truth sharing in caring and considerate ways that will help grow AHSABC’s organizational resources and foundation.

  • Inclusive: Forward thinking, inclusively minded approach to create policies that reflects culture, multiple voices, and logistical requirements.

The AHSABC Director of Communications will:

  • Lead the AHSABC communications team and develop strong and effective working relationships with AHS program leaders across the Province, AHSABC Board of Directors and Elders Advisory Circle, and the AHSABC staff.

  • Provide leadership in creating and implementing innovative and strategic communications and resources to support sharing and exploring our ‘why’ and the ‘why’ of Aboriginal Head Start programs in BC and Nationally.

  • Provide expertise and technical skills that are essential for keeping AHSABC current and progressive, building on the values of honesty, truth, and courage.

  • Provide expertise in policy development, analysis, planning, and research in areas aligned with Aboriginal Head Start Principles and Guidelines, and AHSABC Strategic plan and direction, including the development of reports, policies, presentations, plans, social media messaging and publications.

  • Prepare and oversee the preparation of public messaging, promotions, and presentations, including making presentations as required.

  • Develop, recommend, and implement new initiatives, policy and/or research projects under the direction of the Executive Director.

  • Coordinate activities and information flow related to the initiatives/projects developed.

  • Coordinate promotional campaigns, develop, and execute marketing plans and strategies to enhance awareness of AHS.

  • Lead Communication Team to create marketing materials including videos, blog posts, newsletters, social media, and YouTube.


  • A University degree or an equivalent combination of education, training and experience in Communications, Public Relations, Marketing and/or policy analysis.

  • Recent, relevant, and significant experience in research, analysis, policy development and report preparation.

  • Experience working with Indigenous organizations and communities.

  • Knowledge, practice and understanding of OCAP Principles.

  • Experience in community engagement or consultative processes.

  • Technical expertise with communications software, online meeting platforms, website management and social media tools.

  • Experience with latest office productivity tools and task management systems.

  • Excellent communication, documentation, time/priority management and organizational skills.

  • Creativity and innovation in developing and leading promotional strategies and materials.

  • Knowledge and experience in Early Childhood Education and related fields; awareness of and enthusiasm for Aboriginal Head Start.

  • BC Driver license.

  • The Aboriginal Head Start Association of BC has aligned with the Provincial Public Health Order released on October 14, 2021. We have a mandatory COVID-19 vaccination policy for all employees at AHSABC. This policy requires all employees to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. If selected for employment, you will be required to provide proof of vaccination by providing a copy of your BC Vaccination Card Passport with the QR code.

Working Environment:

  • Works independently and remotely from home office. Requires use of desktop computer, specialized software and peripherals. (AHSABC will provide required equipment)

  • Interacts with main office and AHSABC Team members regularly via virtual meetings, telephone and email and attends in-person meetings as required.

  • Travel may be required. Ability to attend training events, gatherings and celebrations.

  • Salary range begins at $70,000 and is negotiable based on education and experience.

  • Employment includes health benefits, retirement plan and home office use compensation.

  • Full-time, permanent position based on 35 hours per week.

  • Schedule is somewhat flexible, requiring 75% of hours to be worked between 8AM and 4PM Monday to Friday. Some weekend and evening hours may be required to support training and event schedules.

  • Must be a resident of British Columbia.

To Apply:

Submit a cover letter, complete resume, and two references via e-mail to:

Joan Gignac, Executive Director, Aboriginal Head Start Association of BC

By Tuesday, November 14, 2023 @ 4pm

NOTE: In accordance with Section 41 of the BC Human Rights Code and Section 15 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, preference will be given to qualified candidates of Aboriginal ancestry.

Director of Communications Posting Oct 2023
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