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AHS Stars

During the LOVIT WAY Provincial Family Gathering in March, an AHS anthem was created by inviting everyone to brainstorm words that they associate with Aboriginal Head Start. We asked people to share what AHS was in the past, what it is currently, and what it will be in future.

This anthem was inspired to become reality after Knowledge Keeper Shane Pointe suggested it, saying “we need an AHS song, that connects our AHS family throughout BC.”

We celebrate having a community that will work together to create something so strong, powerful and beautiful.

With the help of facilitators, Khari Wendell McClelland and Kelly Terbasket (of IndigenEYEZ), a group from our AHSABC community wrote an anthem. Meant to inspire, and be child friendly, the anthem is ready to be sung at AHS programs and at future AHSABC gatherings.

A huge thank you to our Anthem Writing team: Shane Pointe (Elder), Willie Alphonse (Elder), Teresia Louden (Elder), Lee Brown (Elder), Danikka Murphy (Parent), Sheena Rogers (AHS Advisor, previously Program Coordinator), Jeannie Bourgois (AHS Chef), Kelly Terbasket (Facilitator), Khari Wendell McClelland (Facilitator), and any others.

Many thanks to Danikka Murphy

for this beautiful rendition of “AHS Stars” below:

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